Professional Drainjetter
Maximise your profits through professionally cleaned land drainage systems. Over the years field drainage systems becomes inefficient due to the build up of ochre, silt and of course plant roots. The professional choice - S-S drainjetters are very reliable and robust using hydraulic systems to ensure efficient and safe working.

Professional in crop husbandry understand that to obtain the best harvest it is important to have a well-maintained field drainage system. In order to achieve this the system must be regularly cleaned by a professional drain cleaner to achieve an early sowing and long growing season.

Based on year's of experience the S-S Professional Drainjetter provides the very best in drain cleaning under high pressure without damage to drain pipes or soil structures.

Professional Drainjetters come with three hydraulic motors as standard. With many options and extra's why not take advantage of a full hydraulic function of the arm. The guide arm is normally moved from the transport position by hand, an option is to move it using a hydraulic function and also to push out towards the drain outlet at the same time using the same hydraulic cylinder. Also it is no longer necessary to drive the tractor exactly in line with the drain outlet, with an extra hydraulic cylinder you and move the arm left or right by 10% or 1 meter either side of the drain.

New Derived Model of Professional Drainjetter comes with the the same standard, options and extra features as the standard Professional Drainjetter but also benefits from the following:

Wireless Remote Control - This is seen as an excellent option on a Professional Drainjetter, the functions equipped with WRC can be controlled from the ditch side or elsewhere up to a distance of max 100 metres. The machine operator can stand near the end pipe to see what function needs to be applied. This avoids walking back and forth to the machine to control the function required. In case of a remote control failure, or the need of manual operation, manual control is always possible as manual control leavers are standard mounted on the Professional Drainjetter.

Automatic Repeat System - The ARS System can shift the hose forwards and backwards when the blockage is severe. This allows clearing the way forward in the drain pipe. This system developed by us and already 4 years successfully implemented on the Professional Drainjetter greatly reduces ware on the cleaning hose and slipping of the drive wheels on the hose till it bursts.

Electric Adjustable Meter Counter - The EC metre counter replaces the mechanical metre counter supplied on the Professional Drainjetter. The length of the drain pipe to be cleaned is typed into the computer before the cleaning hose enters the drain pipe. When the drive system is started, the computer starts counting the number of meters that the hose is fed into the drain and this is shown on the display of the remote control. When the length that was typed into the computer is reached, the drive system will reverse and pull the hose out of the drain and stops automatically. The machine is then ready for the next drain.

Extra Reel for Pressure Hose - On the right hand side an extra hand or hydraulically operated reel with 1/2" hose can be mounted on the Professional Drainjetter. This can be used for cleaning sewer pipes or older small diameter drain pipes. Also a hose can be connected for cleaning equipment, stables, pavement etc.

Extra Reed for Suction Hose - On the left hand side of the Professional Drainjetter a manual or hydraulic driven reel with the suction hose can be mounted. The suction hose can then be reeled in and out manually or hydraulically. This avoids struggling around with a water filled suction hose.

Toolbox/Bin - This can be mounted on the Professional Drainjetter. This enables easy storage of spades, pins, locator etc. As well as various nozzles and tools. Thus all tools and necessities are ready available and neatly stored.

Standard Features: 

300 metre special hose HPE 27 x 3.3mm with hydraulic motor rewind
Flexible cleaning nozzle 12 hose of 2mm diameter
Distance counter
Three piston diaphragm pump 50bar 140l/m (cleaning pressure max 35bar)
Four big wheel (200mm) driven system with two hydraulic motors
Variable speed regulation by hydraulic system
Height adjustment of the guide arm by hydraulic cylinder
Hand hydraulic control of the hydraulics with speed variation
Water suction hose 10 metre
Overflow hose 6 metre
Rear lights and reflectors
Tractor requires one double acting spool block
Two filtration system of the dirty water before pump
Manual in and out of the guide arm


Full hydraulicfold for transport with hydraulic in/out of the guide arm
Hydraulic movement of guide arm by 10% left or 10% right
Four big wheels (20mm) driven system with one hydraulic motor

Options & Accessories:
Hydraulic pressure test gauge
Extra hose - 400 metres or 500 metres (can be purchased per metre)
Hose 50bar - (can be purchased per metre)
Hose 1/2" 80bar (can be purchased per metre)
Cleaning nozzle 'Standard'
Adjustable nozzle
Rocket nozzle for sand and roots
Centre disc
Shafts guide 30 - 40cm
Shafts guide 6 - 100cm with support
Resistance manometer
Manually operated reel with 3way valve, nozzle 20mm and 100m 1/2" - 80bar hose
Option can be hydraulic driven reel

New Derived Professional Drainjetter:
ARS - Without wireless control
ARS - With one wireless control in & out
ARS - With two wireless control

Wireless remote control - Two functions
Wireless remote control - Three functions
Wireless remote control - Four functions