MD80 Drainjetter
Regular and proper maintenance of land drainage systems is a must in order to keep the soil in good condition therefore increasing yields and maximising profit. To achieve this you must use the correct drain cleaning machine designed and build on years of experience

The MD80 Drainjetter has a number of good advantaged, it is brilliant for drains up to 300 metres long and 250mm diameter. The high pressure pump has an out-put of 80bar and a working pressure of+/- 15bar and 120l/m flow at the nozzle head. The high speed water coming out of the adjustable nozzle through the rear facing holes drives the hose up the drainpipe. At the same time this back flow of high speed water flushes the sediment from the drain.

The hose has been specially developed and manufactured for this machine with a pressure rating of 80bar lengths of 100, 150, 200 and 300 metres that can be supplied on the reel. The retrieval of the hose from the drain is a VEE belt system driven off the water pump.

Technical Data:
High pressure pump - 164l/m 80bar pressure
Special hose - 80bar rated, length 100 metres standard (Options 150, 200 & 300 metres)
Suction hose - 10 metres with filter and float
Bypass hose - 6 metres 1"
Pressure regulator - Standard
Large pump filter - Standard
Variable speed regulation by hydraulic system
Reel recoil - VEE belt driven

Standard Features: 

100 metres special 3/4" hose with operating pressure 80bar
High pressure pump 90bar max 164l/m max 700u/m
100 metres suction hose with filter float
6 metres of bypass hose
Large pump filter
Nozzle 30mm with 7 holes
VEE belt driven drum for retrieval of the hose

The high pressure of the water from the nozzle rear facing holes drives the hose up the drain


Extra special hose (purchased per metre)
Hose connector
Adjustable nozzle
Rocket nozzle
Hydraulic drivel reel