1500 Gallon Tanker - MD50 Drainjetter

1500 Gallon Tanker - MD50 Drainjetter

Specification of Tanker with MD50 Drainjetter:
Engine Driven 700 l/m Filling Pump with all Pipe Work including 6 metre Fill Hose with Ditch Filter Tanker Discharge Valve to Drainjetter with Filter New Undercarriage including Axles and Drum Brakes Hydraulic Actuated.
Four New Wheels and Tyres
Full Road Lights and Number Plate Light-Board.
Two Road Wheel Chocks.
2" Pick-up Hitch Drawbar.
Mounting Frame Quick Hitch for Drainjetter.
Manhole Guide Arm

Drainjetter MD50 with 200 metre Hose

Drainjetter can be unhitched and used without Tanker if required