MD50 DUO Drainjetter
For a properly functioning drainage system the MD50 DUO Drainjetter is an important atribute to achieve maximum production on arable land. For the maintenance of the drainage system, it is essential to carry out regular cleaning of drainage pipes. Regular and proper maintenance of land drainage systems is a must in order to keep the soil in good condition, therefore increasing yields and maximising profit. To achieve this you must use the correct drain cleaning machine designed and built on years of experience.

The MD50 DUO is a dual purpose drainjetter, it is mounted with twin drums side by side as one, with different size hoses 200 metres on one and 100 metres on the other. The pressure control of the water in each drum is via change over valves in the pressure control valve.

Flushing hose 1: Special washing hose with 20mm inner diameter. By means of this flushing hose, pipes up to a diameter of +200mm and a distance of over 200 metres can easily be cleaned.
Flushing hose 2: Special washing hose with 13mm inner diameter. This hose is also available for older drainage pipes with a diameter of 30mm to a distance of +/- 100 metres.

With a pump pressure of 50 bay and the special hose, the nozzles will automatically propel themselves into the drainpipes. Due to the high volume of water, the washing nozzle achieves excellent cleaning results, these also suit much larger drainpipes removing the residual dirt on retrieval of the hose.

The rewinding of the hose is done by foot operated belt tensioner driven off the back of the pump which winds the hose back onto the real. A hand slide is used to recoil neatly.

Of course, the MD50 DUO Drainjetter is also suitable for domestic sewage drains, farm manure channels, cleaning stables, machinery and general cleaning tasks.

Technical Data:
High Pressure Pump - 200l/m 50bar pressure
Work Pressure - 50bar
Special Hose 20mm ID - length 100 metres standard
Special Hose 13mm ID - length 100 metres standard
Suction Hose - 10 meters with filter and float
Bypass Hose - 6 meters 1"
Pressure Regulator - Standard
Large Pump Filter - Standard
Hose Reel Retrieval - VEE belt drive

Height - 1.70 metres
Width - 1.00 metres
Length - 0.90 metres
Weight - 250kg

Standard Features: 

100 metres special 20mm ID hose
100 metres special 13mm ID hose
High pressure pump 50bar max 160l/m
10 metres suction hose with filter
6 metres of bypass hose
Large pump filter
Nozzle 30mm with 7 holes
VEE best driven drum for retrieval of the hose

The high pressure of the water from the nozzle rear facing holes drives the hose up the drain.


Hydraulic driven hose reel (winding / rewinding)
Longer flushing hose 20mm and 13mm (purchased by metre)
Hose connector
Adjustable nozzle
Rocket nozzle